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We provide access to educational loans with no collateral relatively low interest rates.

Secure educational loans Easily

EduCollect provides access to Educational loans without collateral and relatively low interest rates. We allow students to secure educational loans, to enable them have access to quality education. This aligns with our vision to bridge the gap between demand for and access to quality education through the process of decentralizing the traditional method of learning.

Our Services

Our Services are geared towards removing financial barriers to your education by providing easy & affordable access to funds and adequate support through your learning journey.




Why EduCollect

No collateral required

Flexible repayment options

Multiple loan providers to pick from

Payment is made directly to your school

For K-12 Students

Education at this early stage is crucial and funding should not be a barrier. Let us ease your burden by ensuring you can give your wards the quality education they need.

For Undergraduate Students

You shouldn’t have to deal with the stress of completing your fees at once, so we’re here to ease that for you with easily accessible loans to aid your academic pursuits.

For Postgraduate Students

Striving to further your academic achievements shouldn’t be limited by financial resources, so we’re here to bridge that gap for you by offering you collateral-free financing to keep your dream alive.

We Have Got You Covered

Getting a loan with us is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Initiate course registration on your student portal, select the loan payment option at checkout

Step 2

Fill out the application form, upload relevant documents, submit & await feedback from our financial partner

Step 3

Upon loan approval, payment is made to your institution and you can proceed to complete your registration with the loan reference number

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Our Partners

Going to a university and being exposed to different ways of thinking is transformative. It’s really shaped how I think about things.

Mr Samson Adeyemi, Lawyer at Binance Group

I heard about EduCollect from a close friend of mine who has also been a beneficiary. And since I secured a loan from them, it has given me peace of mind to continue my studies, because I have divided my repayment into months when I get my salary. That way, the stress of one-time payment is over.

Julius Chibuike (MBA Student)

As a working Nurse and mother, paying my tuition at once was a great challenge because there were other bills that needed to be sorted in the home. With EduCollect, I was able to split my tuition payment into months to enable me to continue my education and take care of certain needs at home.

Jadesola Adeyemi (Nursing Practitioner)

Frequently Asked Questions

EduCollect is a platform that aims to solve the problem of access to finance, which is a major barrier to quality education. We aggregate multiple funders and partner with Education institutions to provide finance & value services to Students, Parents, and Education service providers across various academic institutions in Africa.

Applying for a loan is simple:

Option 1

  • Sign up and complete the application form on our website and await feedback from our financial partner

Option 2

  • Apply from your Institution’s registration portal (for applicants from our Partners)
This is available to Students, Parents, and Education service providers across various academic institutions.

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Email: [email protected]Phone: +2348143906442